Boca Raton, FL- FGCU (37-14) faces FAU (30-22), Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 PM, from FAU Baseball Stadium.


Hitting (FGCU):

.323/1.029 OPS/1806 AB/503 R/584 H/111 2B/7 3B/120 HR/478 RBI/.592 SLG%/434 SO/274 BB/.437 OB%

Hitting (FAU):

.279/.846 OPS/1807 AB/360 R/504 H/103 2B/10 3B/67 HR/330 RBI/.458 SLG%/403 SO/273 BB/.388 OB%

Pitching (FGCU):

37-14/5.59 ERA/SHO/12 SV/433.0 IP/496 H/320 R (269 ER)/423 K/242 BB/90 2B/9 3B/59 HR/1738 AB/.285 BAA

Pitching (FAU):

30-22/5.21 ERA/10 SV/463.1 IP/493 H/326 R (268 ER)/435 K/217 BB/100 2B/6 3B/63 HR/1826 AB/.270 BAA

Outstanding Players (FGCU):

6’0 SO INF Edrick Felix

.383/1.286 OPS/209 AB/64 R/80 H/20 2B/3B/23 HR/71 RBI/.818 SLG%/49 SO/27 BB/.468 OB%

6’3 SR 1B Joe Kinker

.371/1.165 OPS/202 AB/64 R/75 H/14 2B/17 HR/68 RBI/.693 SLG%/62 SO/39 BB/.472 OB%

6’3 SR INF Alejandro Figueredo

.354/1.088 OPS/206 AB/60 R/73 H/9 2B/16 HR/57 RBI/.631 SLG%/33 SO/36 BB/.457 OB%

Outstanding Players (FAU):

6’3 JR INF/OF Nolan Schanuel

.454/1.505 OPS/174 AB/64 R/79 H/14 2B/4 3B/18 HR/61 RBI/.891 SLG%/14 SO/59 BB/.614 OB%

6’2 SR INF Jackson Ross

.341/.994 OPS/205 AB/47 R/70 H/17 2B/9 HR/44 RBI/.556 SLG%/24 SO/37 BB/.438 OB%

6’0 JR OF Dylan Goldstein

.324/1.005 OPS/207 AB/46 R/67 H/14 2B/2 3B/11 HR/56 RBI/.570 SLG%/40 SO/31 BB/.435 OB%


The Eagles and Owls square off for the fourth and final time this season in Boca Raton, Tuesday night. FGCU is 1-2 vs FAU this season, and won the most recent game played on 5/9, 8-7, from Swanson Stadium.

FAU is led offensively by Nolan Schanuel, who is batting .454, has an insane 1.505 OPS, along with 18 home runs, and 61 RBI’s this season for the Owls. Dylan Goldstein is also a name to keep an eye on, as he hit the walkoff grand slam vs FGCU on 4/4, and is batting .324, with 11 home runs, and 56 RBI’s this season.

FGCU is led offensively by sophomore sensation: Edrick Felix, who is batting .383, with 23 home runs, and 71 RBI’s this season to lead the Eagles. The Eagles have hit 120 home runs, and driven in 478 RBI’s this season, and are the top offense in the country. The Eagles look to even the non-conference series with the Owls at 2 games each, Tuesday afternoon on the road. This series has been super challenging for the Eagles since the Owls have played them as tough as any opponent they have faced this season, but what an opportunity for FGCU to take this game, and then finish the regular season at home vs KSU. Should be another thriller from FAU Baseball Stadium, Tuesday afternoon!

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