Fort Myers, FL #15 FGCU (26-7) faces FIU (14-19) Wednesday night at 6:30 PM, from Swanson Stadium.


Hitting (FIU):

.288/.804 OPS/1146 AB/228 R/330 H/48 2B/8 3B/29 HR/205 RBI/.420 SLG%/287 SO/153 BB/.384 OB%

Hitting (#15 FGCU):

.326/1.038 OPS/1168 AB/331 R/381 H/74 2B/4 3B/77 HR/314 RBI/.594 SLG%/268 SO/184 BB/.444 OB%

Pitching (FIU):

13-19/7.42 ERA/1.72 WHIP/SHO/5 SV/293.2 IP/357 H/258 R (242 ER)/282 K/149 BB/66 2B/8 3B/50 HR/1197 AB/.298 BAA

Pitching (#15 FGCU):

26-7/5.04 ERA/1.61 WHIP/SHO/11 SV/282.0 IP/308 H/191 R (158 ER)/257 K/147 BB/60 2B/5 3B/27 HR/1114 AB/.276 BAA

3 Players To Watch For (FIU):

6’1 JR 1B Ryne Guida

.352/.954 OPS/128 AB/16 R/45 H/6 2B/5 HR/34 RBI/.516 SLG%/21 SO/14 BB/.438 OB%

6’1 R-JR OF/LHP Mike Rosario

.346/1.007 OPS/133 AB/38 R/46 H/9 2B/3B/7 HR/30 RBI/.586 SLG%/35 SO/11 BB/.421 OB%

5’11 R-SR OF Alec Sanchez

.326/.981 OPS/95 AB/17 R/31 H/3 2B/3B/6 HR/17 RBI/.568 SLG%/23 SO/14 BB/.413 OB%

3 Players To Watch For (#15 FGCU):

6’3 SR INF Alejandro Figueredo

.390/1.181 OPS/136 AB/45 R/53 H/6 2B/12 HR/40 RBI/.699 SLG%/18 SO/22 BB/.482 OB%

6’0 SO INF Edrick Felix

.385/1.258 OPS/135 AB/44 R/52 H/16 2B/13 HR/43 RBI/.793 SLG%/31 SO/17 BB/.465 OB%

6’3 SR 1B Joe Kinker

.377/1.213 OPS/130 AB/45 R/49 H/10 2B/12 HR/45 RBI/.731 SLG%/40 SO/26 BB/.482 OB%


The Eagles and Golden Panthers face off for the second time this season, and first from Swanson Stadium. #15 FGCU defeated FIU 12-5 on 3/22 from FIU Baseball Stadium. Ryne Guida leads FIU offensively, hitting .352 with 5 HR, and 34 RBI’s this year. Mike Rosario leads the team with 7 home runs, and their best pitcher ERAwise is Angel Tiburcio, who is 3-2, with a 3.82 ERA.

#15 FGCU heads into this game after losing their second straight game to FAU. The Eagles offensively are led by Alejandro Figueredo, who is hitting .390, with 12 HR, and 40 RBI’s. Edrick Felix (.385, 13 HR, and 43 RBI’s), Joe Kinker, (.377, 12 HR, and 45 RBI’s), and Jacob Lojewski (.339, 13 HR, and 44 RBI’s) provide extreme pop in this lineup, and the Eagles boast one of the deepest lineups in the country. The Eagles look to get back on track after a close loss, and hope to win their 27th game of the season, before heading on the road to face EKU, in ASUN Conference play.

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