Fort Myers, FL- #4 seed FGCU (35-22) faces #3 seed Kennesaw State University (32-26), Thursday afternoon, in day three of the ASUN Conference Baseball Tournament, at 11 AM from Swanson Stadium.

Season Stats:

Pitching (FGCU):

35-22/4.86 ERA/1.50 WHIP/CG/4 SHO/9 SV/503.2 IP/541 H/335 R (272 ER)/83 2B/6 3B/64 HR/2012 AB/.269 BAA

Pitching (KSU):

32-26/6.14 ERA/1.54 WHIP/CG/SHO/13 SV/501.1 IP/523 H/390 R (342 ER)/80 2B/6 3B/70 HR/1950 AB/.268 BAA

Hitting (FGCU):

.295/.803 OPS/2031 AB/476 R/599 H/119 2B/6 3B/93 HR/445 RBI/.497 SLG%/504 SO/283 BB/.406 OB%

Hitting (KSU):

.300/.837 OPS/2023 AB/409 R/606 H/113 2B/11 3B/63 HR/368 RBI/.460 SLG%/406 SO/210 BB/.477 OB%

Players To Watch For (FGCU):

6’3 JR INF Alejandro Figueredo

.396/1.146 OPS/227 AB/49 R/90 H/20 2B/3B/13 HR/61 RBI/.665 SLG%/36 SO/36 BB/.481 OB%

6’2 R-JR L/R OF Brian Ellis

.383/1.080 OPS/230 AB/74 R/88 H/25 2B/6 HR/45 RBI/.570 SLG%/43 SO/40 BB/.510 OB%

6’0 SO OF/INF R/R Ian Farrow

.324/1.041 OPS/241 AB/72 R/78 H/9 2B/3B/21 HR/74 RBI/.631 SLG%/68 SO/27 BB/.410 OB%

Players To Watch For (KSU):

6’2 SR OF L/L Josh Hatcher

.395/1.112 OPS/253 AB/57 R/100 H/25 2B/3 3B/12 HR/51 RBI/.660 SLG%/35 SO/20 BB/.452 OB%

5’11 FR INF R/R Donovan Cash

.361/.984 OPS/227 AB/37 R/82 H/19 2B/9 HR/54 RBI/.564 SLG%/40 SO/22 BB/.420 OB%

6’0 SR INF R/R Tyler Simon

.308/.845 OPS/234 AB/54 R/72 H/12 2B/4 3B/6 HR/45 RBI/.470 SLG%/32 SO/23 BB/.375 OB%


KSU hasn’t won a game in the ASUN Conference Baseball tournament, as they lost game 1 to Lipscomb (12-10), and game two to Liberty (12-6). The Eagles are 1-1 in the tournament, losing in game one to Liberty (4-3), and winning game two vs Lipscomb (6-3). FGCU went 4-2 vs KSU during the regular season.

KSU is led offensively by ASUN 1st Team All-Conference Member Josh Hatcher, who is hitting .395 with 12 HR, and 51 RBI’s. ASUN Freshman of the Year: Donovan Cash has also had an outstanding season, hitting .361 with 9 HR, and 54 RBI’s.

FGCU is led offensively by ASUN 1st Team All-Conference member, Alejandro Figueredo who is hitting .396 with 13 HR, and 61 RBI’s. The Eagles have 4 hitters with 13+ home runs, and that list includes: Ian Farrow (21 HR), Joe Kinker (19 HR), Harrison Povey (15 HR), and Alejandro Figueredo (13 HR). FGCU needs to win this game for a chance to play in the ASUN Semifinals Friday, while the Owls look to play spoiler with a win vs the Eagles, Thursday from Swanson Stadium.

Pool A (Standings):

Liberty 2-0

FGCU 1-1

Lipscomb 1-1

KSU 0-2

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