ASUN Conference Tournament Preview: #1 LIBERTY vs #4 FGCU

Fort Myers, FL- #4 FGCU (34-21) faces #1 Liberty University (33-20) in their first game in the ASUN Baseball Tournament on Tuesday morning at 11 AM from Swanson Stadium.

Stats (Regular Season):

Pitching (FGCU):

34-21/4.90 ERA/1.50 WHIP/CG/4 SHO/8 SV/486.2 IP/526 H/328 R (265 ER)/457 K/206 BB/82 2B/6 3B/61 HR/1944 AB/.271 BAA

Pitching (LU):

33-20/4.02 ERA/CG/2 SHO/13 SV/470.1 IP/429 H/253 R (210 ER)/552 K/197 BB/67 2B/4 3B/53 HR/.250 BAA

Hitting (FGCU):

.297/.908 OP/1970 AB/467 R/586 H/115 2B/6 3B/91 HR/439 RBI/.501 SLG%/489 SO/274 BB/.407 OB%

Hitting (LU):

.269/1823 AB/366 R/490 H/103 2B/3 3B/62 HR/339 RBI/.431 SLG%/447 SO/262 BB/.378 OB%

Players To Watch For (FGCU):

6’3 JR INF R/R Alejandro Figueredo

.398/1.155 OPS/221 AB/49 R/88 H/20 2B/3B/13 HR/61 RBI/.674 SLG%/36 SO/35 BB/.481 OB%

6’2 R-JR OF L/R Brian Ellis

.393/1.079 OPS/222 AB/72 R/85 H/23 2B/6 HR/44 RBI/.568 SLG%/42 SO/38 BB/.511 OB%

6’1 SO OF/INF R/R Ian Farrow

.328/1.048 OPS/232 AB/70 R/76 H/9 2B/3B/20 HR/71 RBI/.634 SLG%/65 SO/27 BB/.414 OB%

Players To Watch For (LU):

6’2 R-SR OF/INF S/R Aaron Anderson

.313/214 AB/38 R/67 H/16 2B/6 HR/38 RBI/.472 SLG%/39 SO/33 BB/.424 OB%

5’8 SO C L/R Three Hillier

.307/179 AB/34 R/55 H/12 2B/5 HR/37 RBI/.458 SLG%/25 SO/27 BB/.412 OB%

6’0 R-SR OF R/R Derek Orndorff

.276/185 AB/56 R/51 H/5 2B/3B/14 HR/43 RBI/.541 SLG%/53 SO/31 BB/.426 OB%


#4 seed FGCU struggled during the regular season vs #1 seed Liberty University, losing 5 out of 6 games. FGCU finished the regular season winning 3 of 4 games, including beating #5/#9 Miami, so they have entered ASUN Tournament play on a high note.

#1 Liberty is led offensively by Aaron Anderson, who hit .313 this season with 6 HR, and 38 RBI’s. Derek Orndorff leads the Flames with 14 home runs this season. JR LHP Joe Adametz III and FR LHP Garrett Horn, led the team with 6 wins this season. Liberty has top 25 wins this season over #9 Florida (2), and #15 UNC.

#4 FGCU is led offensively by JR Alejandro Figueredo, who hit .398 with 13 HR and 61 RBI’s this season. FGCU boasts 4 hitters with 10+ home runs, and that list includes home run team leader Ian Farrow (20), Joe Kinker (19), Harrison Povey (14), and Alejandro Figueredo (13). RHP Jason Woodward led the Eagles with 6 wins overall. FGCU will also face #2 Lipscomb Wednesday afternoon, and #3 Kennesaw State Thursday afternoon, in the ASUN Conference tournament. There is plenty of great baseball this week from Swanson Stadium, including the Eagles, and the teams that qualified for the ASUN Conference tournament!

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