Fort Myers, FL- FGCU (29-18) faces FAU (30-18) Tuesday night at 6:30 PM, for the final time this season from Swanson Stadium.

Pitching Matchup:

FAU RHP Nicholas Del Prado (1-1, 5.40 ERA) vs FGCU LHP Gus Carter (1-0, 4.32 ERA)


Pitching (FAU):

30-18/5.49 ERA/1.47 WHIP/2 CG/7 SV/423.1 IP/434 H/287 R (258 ER)/395 K/187 BB/87 2B/6 3 B/59 HR/1640 AB/.265 BAA

Pitching (FGCU):

29-18/4.61 ERA/1.44 WHIP/CG/4 SHO/6 SV/413.2 IP/425 H/266 R (212 ER)/400 K/169 BB/65 2B/6 3B/45 HR/1638 AB/.259 BAA

Hitting (FAU):

.288/.868 OPS/1669 AB/346 R/481 H/99 2B/5 3B/69 HR/321 RBI/.478 SLG%/397 SO/226 BB/.390 OB%

Hitting (FGCU):

.293/.888 OPS/1662 AB/404 R/487 H/98 2B/6 3B/66 HR/380 RBI/.478 SLG%/417 SO/247 BB/.410 OB%

Players To Watch For (FAU):

6’3 SO INF/OF L/R Nolan Schanuel

.380/1.164 OPS/184 AB/44 R/70 H/16 2B/13 HR/49 RBI/.679 SLG%/18 SO/32 BB/.485 OB%

6’4 SO OF/INF L/R Gabriel Rincones Jr.

.342/1.114 OPS/196 AB/49 R/67 H/14 2B/17 HR/60 RBI/.673 SLG%/45 SO/31 BB/.441 OB%

6’0 SO OF L/R Dylan Goldstein

.327/1.136 OPS/156 AB/42 R/51 H/8 2B/3B/14 HR/47 RBI/.660 SLG%/31 SO/31 BB/.476 OB%

Players To Watch For (FGCU):

6’3 JR INF R/R Alejandro Figueredo

.391/1.102 OPS/184 AB/41 R/72 H/16 2B/3B/8 HR/49 RBI/.620 SLG%/31 SO/32 BB/.482 OB%

6’2 R-JR OF L/R Brian Ellis

.383/1.077 OPS/183 AB/60 R/70 H/19 2B/4 HR/39 RBI/.552 SLG%/36 SO/35 BB/.525 OB%

5’11 JR INF R/R Alejandro Rodriguez

.326/.849 OPS/181 AB/34 R/59 H/5 2B/6 HR/47 RBI/.453 SLG%/20 SO/21 BB/.396 OB%


The Eagles are 1-1 vs FAU this season, beating the Owls 5-1 on 4/19 at home, and losing 6-4 on the road on 4/26. The Eagles are 4-2, winning series on the road vs Jacksonville University, and Kennesaw State University, since the game on 4/26. FAU is also 4-2 in their last 6 games, winning a home series vs FIU, and a road series vs Louisiana Tech.

FAU’s top hitters include: Nolan Schanuel (.380, 13 HR), Gabriel Rincones Jr (.342, 17 HR), and Dylan Goldstein (.327, 14 HR). The Eagles also have a power trio of their own which includes Ian Farrow (14 HR), Harrison Povey (13 HR), and Joe Kinker (15 HR). Ian Farrow also was named ASUN Player of the Week, after a weekend vs Kennesaw State University, where he hit .667 with 3 HR, 12 RBI’s, and 6 runs. Expect the Eagles to come out swinging Tuesday night from Swanson Stadium.

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