Kennesaw, GA- FGCU (27-17, 12-9 ASUN) heads on the road to face Kennesaw State University (26-18, 14-7 ASUN), for a three game series, starting Saturday afternoon from Stillwell Baseball Stadium.

Series Schedule:

Saturday: 12 PM (DH)

Sunday: 12 PM

Pitching Matchups:

Saturday (1st Game):

FGCU RHP Jason Woodward (5-3, 3.60 ERA) vs KSU RHP Jack Myers (4-3, 3.19 ERA)

2nd Game:

FGCU RHP Tyler Shuck (5-3, 3.45 ERA) vs KSU LHP John Bezdicex (4-3, 3.73 ERA)




Pitching (FGCU):

27-17/4.50 ERA/1.43 WHIP/CG/4 SHO/5 SV/387.2 IP/395 H/246 R (194 ER)/376 K/158 BB/59 2B/5 3B/42 HR/1531 AB/.258 BAA

Pitching (KSU):

26-19/5.69 ERA/1.50 WHIP/CG/SHO/10 SV/387.2 IP/392 H/284 R (245 ER)/365 K/189 BB/58 2B/5 3B/48 HR/1488 AB/.263 BAA

Hitting (FGCU):

.292/.885 OPS/1549 AB/376 R/452 H/94 2B/6 3B/60 HR/353 RBI/.476 SLG%/396 SO/227 BB/.409 OB%

Hitting (KSU):

.290/.801 OPS/1536 AB/289 R/446 H/87 2B/9 3B/37 HR/257 RBI/.431 SLG%/323 SO/155 BB/.370 OB%

Players To Watch For (FGCU):

6’3 JR INF R/R Alejandro Figueredo

.393/1.114 OPS/173 AB/40 R/68 H/16 2B/3B/8 HR/47 RBI/.636 SLG%/31 SO/28 BB/.478 OB%

6’2 R-JR OF L/R Brian Ellis

.375/1.081 OPS/168 AB/55 R/63 H/18 2B/4 HR/35 RBI/.554 SLG%/35 SO/34 BB/.527 OB%

5’11 JR INF R/R Alejandro Rodriguez

.345/.899 OPS/168 AB/34 R/58 H/5 2B/6 HR/46 RBI/.482 SLG%/17 SO/20 BB/.417 OB%

Players To Watch For (KSU):

6’2 SR OF L/L Josh Hatcher

.385/1.060 OPS/192 AB/39 R/74 H/19 2B/3 3B/6 HR/35 RBI/.609 SLG%/27 SO/16 BB/.451 OB%

5’11 FR INF R/R Donovan Cash

.341/.883 OPS/170 AB/23 R/58 H/13 2B/4 HR/39 RBI/.488 SLG%/31 SO/14 BB/.395 OB%

5’11 FR INF/OF S/R Zac Corbin

.331/.877 OPS/145 AB/35 R/48 H/7 2B/3B/3 HR/22 RBI/.455 SLG%/30 SO/24 BB/.422 OB%


The Eagles and Owls face off once again, after FGCU took 2 out of 3 games from KSU at Swanson Stadium in April. The Owls are tied with Liberty for 1st place in the ASUN Conference standings at 14-7. Since playing the Eagles in April, KSU won ASUN Conference series vs Stetson on the road, and JU at home, while losing series to UNF on the road, and Liberty at home. Since playing KSU, FGCU lost road series’ to Liberty, and JU, while losing a home series to UNF. The Eagles did win a home series vs Stetson in that stretch of games.

The Owls are led offensively by Josh Hatcher, who is hitting .385 with 6 HR and 35 RBI’s this year. FGCU is led offensively by Alejandro Figueredo who is batting .393 with 8 HR and 47 RBI’s. Offensively, FGCU has driven in 353 RBI’s in 44 games, and KSU has driven in 257 RBI’s in 44 games. The hot offense for FGCU has been key this year, and expect a lot of offense between both teams this weekend.

FGCU has three batters with 10+ home runs this season, and that list includes Joe Kinker (14 HR), Harrison Povey (12 HR), and Ian Farrow (11 HR). Cash Young (13 HR) is the only Owl with 10+ home runs this season. Young also leads the Owls with 43 RBI’s this season, while Povey leads the Eagles with 49 RBI’s.

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