Jacksonville, FL- FGCU (26-15, 11-7 ASUN) heads on the road to face Jacksonville University (20-17, 7-11 ASUN), for a three game series, starting Friday night from John Sessions Stadium.

Series Schedule:

Friday: 7 PM

Saturday: 7 PM

Sunday: 1 PM


Pitching (FGCU):

26-15/4.54 ERA/1.44 WHIP/CG/3 SHO/5 SV/361.0 IP/370 H/233 R (182 ER)/354 K/149 BB/57 2B/5 B/40 HR/1431 AB/.259 BAA

Pitching (JU):

20-17/4.70 ERA/1.46 WHIP/SHO/9 SV/339.0 IP/324 H/202 R (177 ER)/376 K/170 BB/61 2B/6 3B/21 HR/1288 AB/.252 BAA

Hitting (FGCU):

.296/.899 OPS/1447 AB/356 R/429 H/89 2B/6 3B/58 HR/337 RBI/.487 SLG%/368 SO/210 BB/.412 OB%

Hitting (JU):

.256/.705 OPS/1269 AB/216 R/325 H/51 2B/2 3B/19 HR/182 RBI/.344 SLG%/311 SO/164 BB/.361 OB%

Players To Watch For (FGCU):

6’3 JR INF Alejandro Figueredo

.388/1.082 OPS/165 AB/38 R/64 H/15 2B/3B/7 HR/42 RBI/.618 SLG%/30 SO/23 BB/.464 OB%

6’2 R-JR OF Brian Ellis

.374/1.095 OPS/155 AB/53 R/58 H/17 2B/4 HR/33 RBI/.561 SLG%/33 SO/34 BB/.534 OB%

5’11 JR INF Alejandro Rodriguez

.355/.930 OPS/155 AB/32 R/55 H/5 2B/6 HR/45 RBI/.503 SLG%/13 SO/19 BB/.427 OB%

Players To Watch For (JU):

5’9 SO INF Jesus Pacheco

.269/.668 OPS/130 AB/23 R/35 H/4 2B/15 RBI/.300 SLG%/13 SO/17 BB/.368 OB%

5’8 JR INF Chase Malloy

.265/.737 OPS/147 AB/35 R/39 H/10 2B/12 RBI/.333 SLG%/32 SO/20 BB/.404 OB%

6’1 SO INF R/R Blake DeLamielleure

.265/.766 OPS/132 AB/22 R/35 H/6 2B/3 HR/15 RBI/.379 SLG%/44 SO/19 BB/.387 OB%


FGCU took 2 of 3 games vs JU back on 3/25-3/27, and the Eagles outscored the Dolphins, 28-17 in the series. JU is 7-5 in their past 3 ASUN Conference series, winning series vs Liberty, and Stetson, in those games. FGCU looks to continue their hot play as of late at home, where they have won their past four games. Jesus Pacheco continues to lead the Dolphins offensively, and is batting .269 on the season. Christian Coipel leads JU in both home runs (10), and RBI’s (38).

Alejandro Figueredo leads the Eagles offensively, hitting .388 on the year. The Eagles have 5 players currently hitting .300 or higher (Figueredo .388, Ellis .374, Rodriguez .355, Farrow .316, and Povey .308. FGCU also has 3 players that have hit 11+ home run this season (Kinker 14, Farrow 11, and Povey, 11). The power, batting average, and tenacity is there for this Eagles team, so expect another strong series vs the JU Dolphins.

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