Fort Myers, FL- FGCU (18-6) faces #17 Miami (17-6), Wednesday night at 6:30 PM from Swanson Stadium.

Pitching Matchup:

Miami RHP Jake Garland (3-1, 1.48 ERA) vs FGCU LHP Mason Miller (1-3, 6.55 ERA)


Pitching (#17 UM):

17-6/4.24 ERA/1.26 WHIP/SHO/6 SV/210.0 IP/167 H/115 R (99 ER)/251 K/97 BB/26 2B/3B/26 HR/777 AB/.215 BAA

Pitching (FGCU):

18-6/4.42 ERA/1.38 WHIP/2 SHO/4 SV/214.0 IP/210 H/135 R (105 ER)/240 K/86 BB/28 2B/2 3B/28 HR/850 AB/.247 BAA

Hitting (#17 UM):

.275/.828 OPS/177 R/217 H/46 2B/4 3B/24 HR/157 RBI/.435 SLG%/191 SO/134 BB/.392 OB%

Hitting (FGCU):

.323/.986 OPS/858 AB/253 R/277 H/64 2B/5 3B/36 HR/240 RBI/.535 SLG%/209 SO/146 BB/.451 OB%

Players To Watch For (#17 UM):

5’8 FR INF Edgardo Villegas

.368/1.015 OPS/57 AB/14 R/21 H/5 2B/HR/14 RBI/.509 SLG%/13 SO/12 BB/.507 OB%

6’0 SO INF CJ Kayfus

.319/.905 OPS/91 AB/27 R/29 H/6 2B/3B/2 HR/19 RBI/.473 SLG%/15 SO/15 BB/.432 OB%

6’4 SO INF Yohandy Morales

.307/.984 OPS/88 AB/19 R/27 H/8 2B/3B/4 HR/21 RBI/.557 SLG%/19 SO/18 BB/.427 OB%

Players To Watch For (FGCU):

6’3 JR INF Alejandro Figueredo

.412/1.166 OPS/97 AB/21 R/40 H/8 2B/3B/5 HR/32 RBI/.670 SLG%/18 SO/17 BB/.496 OB%

6’1 SO OF/INF Ian Farrow

.392/1.12 OPS/102 AB/36 R/40 H/3 2B/3B/9 HR/37 RBI/.706 SLG%/27 SO/15 BB/.476 OB%

6’2 R-JR OF Brian Ellis

.386/1.196 OPS/88 AB/40 R/34 H/12 2B/3 HR/23 RBI/.625 SLG%/21 SO/24 BB/.571 OB%


#17 Miami comes into this mid week game with the Eagles, after a 3 game sweep of #13 UNC this past weekend at home. The Hurricanes are led by Head Coach Gino Dimare, who has led the team since 2019, and been in the Miami baseball program for 22 years. Offensively, 5’8 FR INF Edgardo Villegas, leads the Miami offense, hitting .368, with 14 RBI’s this season. 6’4 SO INF Yohandy Morales leads the Hurricanes with 4 home runs, and 6’1 SO OF Jacob Burke, leads the team in RBI’s with 25. Miami has notable wins over #14 Florida (1), and #13 UNC (3) this year. Last season, FGCU dropped both games to Miami, losing 15-2 on March 17th from Swanson Stadium, and losing 3-2 on April 14th on the road.

FGCU took 2 out of 3 games this past weekend vs Jacksonville University, and scored 28 runs in 3 games vs the Dolphins. The Eagles offense continues to explode, as FGCU has 240 RBI’s in 24 games this season. Quality pitching, and quality hitting results in wins, and the Eagles are still looking for a signature win to go with their great start to the season this year. Beating #17 Miami would give the Eagles that signature win, and would be huge as they face Kennesaw State University at home for 3 games, #17 Miami on the road, and a 3 game road series vs Liberty University after that.

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