Fort Myers, FL- FGCU (2-2) faces the University of Minnesota (1-3), Wednesday night at 6:30 PM from Swanson Stadium.


Hitting (UM):

.257/.845 OPS/140 AB/24 R/36 H/10 2B/3B/7 HR/22 RBI/.493 SLG%

Hitting (FGCU):

.297/.908 OPS/138 AB/46 R/41 H/8 2B/3B/3 HR/42 RBI/.435 SLG%

Pitching (UM):

1-3/9.27 ERA/2.06 WHIP/33.0 IP/43 H/39 R (34 ER)/34 K/25 BB/10 2B/3B/7 HR/141 AB/.305 BAA

Pitching (FGCU):

2-2/6.75 ERA/1.75 WHIP/36.0 IP/50 H/37 R (24 ER)/47 K/13 BB/5 2B/3B/9 HR/163 AB/.307 BAA

Players To Watch For (UM):

6’4 R-SR OF R/R Easton Bertrand

.500/1.646 OPS/12 AB/6 R/6 H/2B/2 HR/6 RBI/1.083 SLG%

6’0 JR INF R/R Drew Stahl

.500/1.615 OPS/10 AB/3 R/5 H/3 2B/3B/5 RBI/.615 SLG%

5’10 SO OF/LHP L/L Brett Bateman

.222/.541 OPS/18 AB/R/4 H/2B/2 RBI/.278 SLG%

Players To Watch For (FGCU):

5’11 JR INF R/R Alejandro Rodriguez

.500/1.205 OPS/12 AB/4 R/6 H/2 2B/5 RBI/.667 SLG%

6’3 JR INF R/R Alejandro Figueredo

.462/1.226 OPS/13 AB/3 R/6 H/2 2B/5 RBI/.615 SLG%

6’1 SO OF/INF R/R Ian Farrow

.333/1.105 OPS/21 AB/7 R/7 H/3B/2 HR/10 RBI/.714 SLG%


FGCU, winners of the past two games face their first Big 10 opponent of the season Wednesday night, and it’s a hugeopportunity for the Eagles offense to continue to feast. The Golden Gophers allowed 39 runs this weekend, in their four game series with Florda Atlantic University. Minnesota is led by Head Coach John Anderson, who has led the program the past forty plus seasons. Minnesota has reached the NCAA postseason 19 times under HC John Anderson, and had a ton of success. Minnesota struggled last season and went 6-31 overall. Jack Kelly (.625) has the highest batting average for the Golden Gophers, while Easton Bertrand (.500), and Drew Stahl (.500), are both above average hitters this season for Minnesota.

The Eagles offense broke through this past weekend against the University of Cincinnati, and it’s very encouraging seeing the offense hit the ball out of the park, and also for extra base hits that stay in the ballpark. Ian Farrow has hit for major power to start the year with 2 HR, and 10 RBI’s, and has 7 hits already this year. Both Alejandro Figueredo and Alejandro Rodriguez have been a great story early, as Rodriguez is hitting .500, and Figueredo is hitting .462. The pitching was strong Sunday, and Najer Victor earned ASUN Pitcher of the Week, after striking out 10, walking none, allowing 2 hits, and 1 earned run through 5.2 IP in a win over the University of Cincinnati. The Eagles did allow 37 runs this past weekend, and had 16 errors, so both pitching and defense, have to improve as the games are played.

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